Statutory Declaration

A Statutory Declaration is a statement or fact that is created and signed in the presence of a UK solicitor, Notary Public or anyone who is authorised by law to hear it. Statutory Declarations are signed in the presence of a UK official to ensure that the written statement does not contain any false information or material. The person making the declaration is made aware of their responsibilities. To knowingly make a false declaration could result in legal proceedings being taken against that person.

Statutory declaration experts

A person will usually create a Statutory Declaration to satisfy requirements of authorities when other documentation is not available to them. These documents can be useful when declaring marital status, residency status, nationality, changes of a name and much more.

A common use of a Statutory Declaration is to prove single status. Many authorities will look to confirm that you are single and free to marry before they will allow a wedding to take place overseas. The Certificate of No Impediment is generally used to prove this. However, there is no guarantee that your local Register Office will issue you with one of these documents, as legal restrictions in some locations prohibit any Register Office’s from issuing these certificates. This is why many of our clients choose to create a statutory declaration.



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