Public law solicitors

Public law solicitors

Our team of public law solicitors has over 200 years of combined experience acting in ‘sensitive, high profile and politically inflected’ matters. We act for individuals (including senior professionals and public figures), companies and business groups, charities and pressure groups as well as government and public bodies themselves.

Abuse by Detention Staff and Removal Escorts

Speak to us as soon as the detention staff does not respect your rights

Condition in Detention

Speak to us as soon as your condition in detention are not right

Unlawful Detention

If you have been detained unlawfully, we can make a claim on your behalf against the police

False Imprisonment

Importance to the liberty of individuals and a person who believes that they have experienced false imprisonment

Challenging Bail Application

Challenging bail applications are a constant part of our day-to-day practice.

Detention/Bail Application

Challenging detention applications is our expetise

Windrush Cases

Are you affected by WindRush scandal? We have all been well aware of the recent unfair treatment


Our experts can help you challenge these organisations if they treat you unfairly. We have a wealth of experience across all fields of public law, with the knowledge and skills to make sure that your rights are respected. Challenging public bodies can be a lengthy process with multiple stages of complaints, appeals and referrals, and strict time limits at different points. Enlisting legal support and representation from our experienced team early in the process will help give your case the best possible chance of success. Our lawyers will guide you through every step of the process with friendly and professional support, explaining the development of your case in plain English so you are always kept up to date.

We build successful Relationships; treat people with Respect; and achieve exceptional Results.


Get the results you’ve been looking for under one roof, with our approachable and professional team that leaves no person behind.