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Prison Law looks after the rights of prisoners. The imprisonment of a person can be a worrying and distressing time. Whether you are a long-term prisoner or have only just been detained and are worried about what your rights and privileges are whilst detained, then you do not have to look any further. We appreciate the emotional distress caused to you and your family during such times. That is why choosing the right solicitors that are experts in prison law will be one of the most important decisions you will ever make.


The team has vast experience of both bringing and defending adjudications from claims for payment to the more complex cases

Appeals Against Conviction

Convicted offenders can appeal against sentences handed down by both the Magistrates' Court and Crown Court

Appeals Against Sentence

It’s important to know if the Court has sentenced you correctly and proportionately

HDC Applications, Appeals

The Home Detention Curfew (HDC) Scheme applies to all prisoners

ROTL Applications, Appeals

Many prisoners are eligible for release on temporary licence for work placements and home leaves

Parole Review, IPP and Lifers

Life and IPP sentences can be extremely confusing; even more so now that the IPP sentence has been abolished.

Parole Review for Recall

Some prisoners on parole are recalled to custody because they are suspected of committing another offence

Prison Transfers

Offenders have rights in prison and they can request a prison transfer

Prison Visits

You can only visit a prisoner if they've added you to their visitor list. The prison will contact you once you're on this list


This process consists of professionals meeting to discuss a case in order to decide whether a prisoner should be assigned a different category


We have a long and distinguished reputation for advising and assisting clients in all aspects of prison law, and our prison law solicitors offer a nationwide service throughout England and Wales.

Prison law addresses the rights and entitlements of prisoners during their sentence. It is one of the most challenging areas of law to deal with, not least because of the enormous implications that any issue affecting a person can have on their progression and ultimate release.

Our prison law solicitors understand that serving a prison sentence can be a frustrating and confusing time for both prisoners and their families. Prisoners often feel powerless when they first arrive in prison and do not know who to turn to for help. They often feel deserted and not everyone has family to rely upon or the necessary emotional support to cope with the daily demands of prison life.

Our prison law lawyers really understand the system and our primary aim is to resolve an issue in an understandable manner that achieves the best possible outcome for the prisoner and their family.

We build successful Relationships; treat people with Respect; and achieve exceptional Results.


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