Partnership Dispute

It is often said that being in a partnership can be very much like being in a marriage. Sadly, it is also true that if things don’t work out that partnership or director disputes can be every bit as costly, stressful and time-consuming as an acrimonious divorce. Obtaining early specialist advice and putting together a considered strategy is normally the key to obtaining the most favourable outcome. Our specialist business dispute solicitors have extensive experience in providing dispassionate legal advice to partners, directors and shareholders and representing them in negotiations and/or legal proceedings.

Partnership dispute experts

While in many cases an adequately drafted partnership agreement can help to resolve disputes, there are always unforeseen circumstances that can make it difficult to deal with complex issues. If disputes are not managed and appropriately resolved, the outcome can be damaging to your career, your personal and professional reputation and result in a substantial loss of capital. This is why it is important that you seek expert and practical legal advice.



Excellence is not a skill, is an attitude that we always have working with our clients


The most important lesson our clients have learned is to trust your solictior.
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We knows some of the worst mistakes that can be made in his subject, and how to avoid them

Negotiation skills

We will never negotiate out of fear. But never fear to negotiate, obtiaining the very best results.



We always start by listening our clients problems and their needs to understand what is the best possible solution to their problems.

Define your problem

Paint a picture in words by including the “presenting problem,” the impact it is having, the consequences of not solving the problem, and the emotions the problem is creating for those involved.

Stategic plan

Hope is not a strategy, is about setting yourself apart from the competition and having a clear idea on how to execute the problem obtaining the best results.


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