The breakdown of a relationship can be a very emotional and confusing time. You may find yourself asking: ‘What do I do now?’ or ‘Where do I start?’ This is completely normal. Our specialist family lawyer understand the difficulties you are experiencing and they are here to help you. Whether your marriage or relationship has broken down, we give expert guidance (using language that you will understand) on getting divorced and ending civil partnerships, all while protecting children and family finances.

Child Abduction/ Hague convention

Get Professional, Patient & Sensitive Advice On Child Abduction Law.

Child Arrangement Order

Child Arrangement Orders (Residence Orders). When parents do not agree on where a child should live after separation divorce

Child Custody

If you and your partner decide to divorce, the issue of who has custody of your children can be a difficult one to resolve


Our expert divorce solicitors are here to help guide you through your divorce and all the elements that go with that

Ancillary Relief

Have the court decide how the matrimonial assets should be divided

Civil Partnership

Protect you and your partner financially without the traditional aspects of marriage

Cohabitation Agreement

Terms on how you and your partner will share finances, and other important things during your period of living

Separation Agreement

Sets out your financial arrangements when you separate

Prenuptial Agreements

Well-drafted contract to give clarity and peace of mind

Spousal Maintenance

Disputes can often arise during the spousal maintenance process the right lawyer can make it easier

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Experienced lawyers provide expert legal advice & services on all Alternative Dispute Resolution matters


With family being the central focus for most people, it is natural that any sort of change in circumstances will lead to difficult times, especially if those changes involve particularly challenging situations.

We understand how important it is for people facing challenges within their family situations to receive the highest quality advice. It is also essential to be personally supported by experts who are in a position to offer the utmost skill and depth of knowledge across all the issues that are likely to arise.

Our family law solicitors team in London are highly respected for the work they do across all areas of family practice. They are widely regarded as experts with a known ability to handle exceptionally complex and sensitive cases with care and empathy.

We build successful Relationships; treat people with Respect; and achieve exceptional Results.


Get the results you’ve been looking for under one roof, with our approachable and professional team that leaves no person behind.