Years of hard work and perseverance building a strong company and/or individual brand and reputation can be destroyed in moments by someone sitting at a computer, or on their mobile phone. Platforms such as the internet, social media, email and communication apps, are frequently where unlawful and damaging actions are perpetrated.

Defamation experts

There is a wrongly held and serious misconception that actions online are protected by an anonymous veil or made-up name, and that it is possible to post comments and/or content on the internet, blogs and social media platforms, that negatively and unfairly damage the reputation of a business or brand, without being held accountable.What is clear is that you must act quickly if you are affected by defamation or a reputation attack in any form. In today’s age of instant communication, opinions, information and statements, irrespective of accuracy, travel fast. A publication can be global within moments.



Excellence is not a skill, is an attitude that we always have working with our clients


The most important lesson our clients have learned is to trust your solictior.
Everything we do is for you.


We knows some of the worst mistakes that can be made in his subject, and how to avoid them

Negotiation skills

We will never negotiate out of fear. But never fear to negotiate, obtiaining the very best results.



We always start by listening our clients problems and their needs to understand what is the best possible solution to their problems.

Define your problem

Paint a picture in words by including the “presenting problem,” the impact it is having, the consequences of not solving the problem, and the emotions the problem is creating for those involved.

Stategic plan

Hope is not a strategy, is about setting yourself apart from the competition and having a clear idea on how to execute the problem obtaining the best results.


No excuses. No explanation. You don’t win on emotion. You win on execution, expertise, experience and hard work. This is what makes our clients come back every time.


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