Condition in Detention

we appreciate the emotional distress caused to you and your family during such times. That is why choosing the right solicitors will be one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Raj Law Solicitors are one of the most caring firms in the UK, with expertise in various areas of prison law. We have specialists’ teams made up of highly skilled lawyers, who are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive advice and assistance to obtain the full range of matters dealt with in prison law.

Condition in detention experts

Following on from this, the department is able to assist regarding difficulties an inmate may have during their stay in custody. We are able to assist with transfers to other prisons, often closer to loved ones, re-categorisation to follow sentence plans, assistance with complaints, advice specific to foreign nationals and more. We are also able to assist and to provide representation during adjudications should the inmate be subjected to ‘nickings’ for disciplinary behaviour. The department has extensive advocacy experience to provide the best possible care for these hearings where an inmate has the possibility of having extra days added on to their sentence



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