Child Abduction and Hague convention

If your child has been taken abroad without your permission, or if there is a risk that could happen, it’s important to act quickly and get child abduction specialist legal help straight away. There are dedicated international laws to deal with child abduction to make sure a child is returned home as soon as possible.

Whether you are trying to stop your child from being abducted, need to get your child back home after they have been abducted, or have been accused of child abduction, our specialist Child Abduction Solicitors can help you.

Child abduction and Hague convention experts

Child abduction is when a child is moved across an international border without the right consent in place. Child abduction can happen by:

Wrongful Removal – when a child is removed from a country without the right permission

Wrongful Retention – where a child is kept in another country in breach of an agreement or without consent.
In wrongful retention cases, it has usually been agreed that the child would travel, but isn’t returned home at the agreed time



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